Open Competition 2019 Results 

Winter Team Event

Sunday 22nd December 2019

1st 4 x £80.00 Vouchers 
S Walmsley - D Bullough - M Rose - J Simmons 
Hart Common Golf Club
91 points

2nd 4 x £40.00 Vouchers 
E Tomlinson - A Garner - P Berry - P Doohan 
Deane Golf Club 
90 Points 

3rd 4 x £20.00 Vouchers 
C Parkinson - I Parkinson - N Hargreaves - S Dix
Penwortham Golf Club 
88 Points CPO


Seniors Open Yellowball

Thursday 3rd October 2019

1st Place - £70.00 voucher each
D Harrison – D Aspinall – P Dunn – A Simpson
Greenmount – Rossendale – Walmersley
83 Points

2nd Place - £50.00 voucher each
P Loughren – C Metcalf – W North – R Blackman
Castle Hawk GC
79 points




Thursday 19th September 2019

1st £80.00 voucher each
Mr G Hannaby & Mr R Green
Wrexham Golf Club

45 points

2nd £50.00 voucher each
Mr C Richardson & Mr N Kay

44 points

3rd £20 voucher each
Mr T Harland & Mr M Wilkins
Leigh GC & Hart Common GC

43 points


Thursday 18th July 2019

 1st £80.00 voucher each
G. Waterhouse & C. Lonsdale
Keighley GC 
45 Points CPO

2nd £40.00 voucher each 
A. Evans & D. Mitcheson 
Bolton GC & Halifax GC
45 Points 

3rd £25.00 voucher each 
A. Cruden & M. Whitaker 
Keighley GC
44 Points 

Sunday 30th June 2019

 1st £100.00 voucher each
W Black & B Russell
45 Points CPO

2nd £80.00 voucher each 
W Wallace & M Heatley 
45 Points CPO 

3rd £60.00 voucher each 
J Kemp & R Kemp 
Lymm & Poulton Park 
45 Points 

4th £40.00 voucher each 
R Davenport & B Woodburn 
42 points 

Thursday 13th June 2019

1st £80.00 voucher each
 A Grimshaw - D Fox - K Eyre - J Hitchmough
Haydock Park 
85 Points CPO
2nd £40.00 voucher each
S Chamberlain - D Robertson - J Graham - J Dyer
Davyhulme GC
85 Points 

3rd £20.00 voucher each
A Simpson - D Arkwright - A Matherson - K Porter  
Preston GC
83 Points

Gents Open 4 man team event 
Sunday 9th June, 2019
1st £85.00 voucher each
 G Rogers - P Goden - P Clarke - D Leigh
Swinton Park GC
87 Points
2nd £45.00 voucher each
N Steen - S Walker - P Jones - S Simmons
Houghwood GC
85 Points CPO

3rd £20.00 voucher each
A Jackson - L Smart - A Foster - W Rawsthorne
Lee Park GC
85 Points CPO


Seniors Open 4BBB Stableford
Thursday 25th April 2019
1st £100.00 voucher each
Mr A Simpson & Mr D Arkwright
Preston GC
44 Points CPO
2nd £80.00 voucher each
Mr A Veitch & Mr D Swale
Hale GC
44 Points
3rd £50.00 voucher each
Mr Doolan & Mr P Stanton
43 Points
4th £35.00 voucher each
Mr J Hilton & Mr D Hill
42 Points CPO

“Thank you to Bolton Golf Club officials, staff, volunteers and members for hosting an extremely successful Lancashire Amateur Championship and thank you to your team for your considerable help during the many weeks preparation and for the hard work and attention to detail before and during the event.”

Derek Jones - LUGC Championship Chairman

“Excellent venue and the Club met our needs for the second year in a row. The added touch of the golf pro recording our guests swings went down very well and overall the club was very accommodating to all our needs.”

CLB Coopers Accountants

“Excellent day had by all, thank you all so much.”

Francis Lee Golf Classic

“I would not hesitate in recommending Bolton Golf Club as a venue for a corporate golf day. The course, facilities and catering were excellent. Many thanks to Simon, Ian and the team.”

CLC Accountants

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